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The start of our exciting journey was in 2012, in Guatemala, Central America. We were part of a group of volunteers whose job was to teach in different schools, visit families living in the garbage dump, rehabilitate alcoholics and drug addicts living on the streets, visits to hospitals and jails, evangelistic activities in streets, parks, organizations, churches and any other place where we were invited. In all these projects we brought social assistance to people living in extreme poverty, providing food, clothing, footwear, education, and mainly carrying the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was there that our hearts were marked for the rest of our lives.

In 2015 we moved to live in Los Angeles, California. There we continue the same social and spiritual work. Over the next four years we also had the opportunity to share the Gospel in six European countries.

Every day that passed we realized the great need that exists around the world, so we decided to create our Non-Profit Organization: Five Talents. Finally at the beginning of the year 2020, we moved to live in Thailand, where we are currently developing projects also for Cambodia and Myanmar.

The name and vision of our organization – Five Talents – is based on the Parable of the Talents found in the Bible. Jesus taught us in this allegory that He has given each person qualities and skills with which they must work and invest wisely.

The objective of our organization is to collect everything you are willing to give and invest it as an expression of God’s unconditional love for all people, especially the most vulnerable communities such as children, the poor and the oppressed.

Our hope is to live as followers of Christ being active and visible bearers of God’s love and good news of peace, through our character, words and actions in the communities where we work.

In our work with people of other faiths, we value our humanity and our common desire to care for and protect the most vulnerable, developing relationships in which we have discovered that suspicion, mistrust, and fear are replaced with trust, friendship, and mutual support. .

We invite you to browse our page and consider each of the projects in which we are currently working to participate in this joint effort.  Our question for you today is how much are you willing to give from what you have received? Whatever your abilities, you can develop them to the best of your potential for the benefit of others.

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