1. Does Cinco Talentos Inc. have a Donation Policy?

Yes, please go to About Us > Our Donation Policy

2. Is Cinco Talentos Inc. a legal Non-Profit Organization?

Yes, Cinco Talentos Inc. is legally established in the State of California. Corporation Entity Number 4586350.

3. Can anyone make a donation to Cinco Talentos Inc.?

Yes, individuals, businesses, organizations and community groups are welcome to donate.

4. How can I donate to Cinco Talentos Inc.?

Your donations may be given in the form of cash, bank deposit or through any of the digital platforms we have available in our website.

5. Is it possible to donate anything other than money?

If you would like to donate something else, please contact us via email: donations@cincotalentos.org

6. What types of donations does Cinco Talentos Inc. accept?

We have two different types of donations: Designated and Undesignated

7. What is a Designated Donation?

Designated Donations are donations that the donor specifies for a particular and open Project or Campaign.

8. What happens if my Designated Donation is received after a Project or Campaign is closed?

Cinco Talentos Inc. reserves the right to reassign this donation to any other open Project or Campaign.

9. What is an Undesignated Donation?

Undesignated Donations are donations that are given for an unspecified use, leaving to our criteria where the funds will be distributed.

10. What does Cinco Talentos Inc. do with Undesignated Donations?

These donations will be used in open Projects or Campaigns where more funds are needed.

11. Are donations refundable?

No, all donations are final and non-refundable.

12. Can I make a donation even if I don’t live in the United States?

Yes, we receive donations from all over the world. You can send your donation through any of the available digital platforms in our website.

13. Where does Cinco Talentos Inc. invest the donations?

We currently have open Projects and Campaigns in Thailand, Myanmar and Cambodia.

14. Does Cinco Talentos Inc. have plans of investing in other countries?

This is always an option, and as our Non-Profit Organization grows it will be possible to do so.

15. How will I know when projects are open in new countries?

Cinco Talentos Inc. will always firstly make it public through our Official Website and Social Networks.

16. What is a Cinco Talentos Inc. Business Partner?

Our Business Partners are companies with a social conscience who are interested in putting their small grain of sand for the development of under-resourced communities.

17. Can my business become a partner of Cinco Talentos Inc.?

We love to build relationships with mission oriented businesses. Please contact us: administration@cincotalentos.org

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