Donation Policy

Section 1. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to establish a formal process for acceptance and documentarion of donations made to Cinco Talentos Inc. This policy provides guidance when individuals, businesses, organizations, and community groups wish to make donations. This policy also establishes the types of donations and the way they will be used.


Section 2. Types of donations

We have two different types of donations: Designated and Undesignated.  These donations may be offered in the form of cash, bank deposit or through any of
the digital platforms we have. All the donations are non-refundable.

         Section 2.1 Designated Donations

Designated Donations are donations that the donor specifies for a particular and open Project or Campaign. If designated donations are received when a project or campaign has ended, Cinco Talentos Inc. reserves the right to reassign this donation in any other open area.

Section 2.2 Undesignated Donations

Undesignated Donations means those donations that are given for an unspecified use. These donations will be used in open Projects or Campaigns where more funds are needed.

Section 3. Location of the Projects and Campaigns

Cinco Talentos Inc. currently has Projects and Campaigns in Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar. It is in these countries that all donations are invested. The opening of new projects and investment of donations in other countries is a current option; however, we will firstly make it public through our Official Website and Social Networks.

Section 4. Business Partners

Cinco Talentos Inc. loves to build relationships with mission oriented businesses. For more information please contact us:

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